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Natural Light won Silver Bear for Best Director in Berlinale 2021

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Silver Bear for Best Director

Dénes Nagy for Természetes fény (Natural Light) – debut film (Hungary / Latvia / France / Germany)

Jury statement: “Appalling and beautifully shot, mesmerising images, remarkable direction and a masterful control of every aspect of the craft of filmmaking, a narration that transcends its historical context. A portrait of war in which the observant gaze of the director reminds us again of the need to choose between passivity and taking individual responsibility.”

HECAT Studio was the leading VFX company behind all the invisible effects that Dénes wanted to complete his vision. A total of 25 VFX shots were done to enhance bullets muzzles / impacts, add CGI fog, animated Digital Matte Painting (DMP), and other invisible effects.

HECAT Studio is behind the 25 VFX shots, the work was done in Paris office using Autodesk Flame and Maxon C4D along with ADOBE suite. Most of the work involved Animated Digital Matte Painting, CGI fog and enhancing battle scenes.

"I also want to thank you for your work! I am very satisfied with the work!

It was a pleasure to get to meet you! Hope to see you on the premiere" Dénes Nagy

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