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A new achievement for the (The Cave) PEABODY PRIZE


The Danish / Syrian film THE CAVE has received the prestigious PeABODY AWARD tonight as

recognition for its outstanding documentary narrative.

PeABODY AWARD is just one of the many awards and honors that has been the case THE CAVE since

the premiere Oscar nomination in 2020, among other things, can be mentioned the Danish Robert award, PGA (Producers Guild) nomination,

Cinema for Peace Award, Cinema Eye Honors, TIFF Grolsch Peoples Award og Emmy Award m.fl..

THE CAVE follows the young female doctor, Dr. Amani

Ballour, who will both lead and administer the hospital, operate and comfort during the merciless attacks and

at the same time fight against the ruling perception of women's right.

On behalf of the whole team, we are very grateful for this particular award. The prize is given to

documentary that manages to deliver a greater and better understanding of complex and unfair conditions in

the parts of the world that are difficult, almost impossible to access. Receiving a Peabody Award is a great one

recognition of both dr. Amani Ballour's work and our efforts to bring her story into

the world. It is our hope that the price will support the Syrian refugee s' need for protection in a country like

Denmark and that both the award and the film can help to convince the Danish government that one

repatriation of Syrian refugees is both reckless and reprehensible, says producers Kirstine Barefod

and Sigrid Dyekj ærr

Peabody Award is an annual international award, named after American philanthropist George Foster



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