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New Motion Capture Technology Studio!

By means of our new partnership with Marvellous Pictures we are happy to announce, we put to work our Motion Capture Technology service. This, allow us to save a lot of time in developing more realistic animations, and brings great value and speed for our future projects.

The studio includes the following:

  - A robotic motion control camera system (BOLT)

  - High sophisticated cameras, (Phantom-ARRI-RED) slow motion, 8K, stereoscopic

  - Perfectly led Green Screen studio for chroma enhancement

  - Sophisticated light rigs based on LED technology

  - On set PREVIZ technology for realtime revisualisation solutions

What is Motion Capture?

Motion Capture is a cutting-edge method of capturing all or part of an actor’s performance so that it can be translated into the action of a computer generated 2D or 3D character on screen. Because the exact movements of the actor are captured and rendered onto the digital character, it’s helpful to think of it as full-body digital make up; a collaborative process allowing filmmakers to imbue characters with incredible levels of subtlety and naturalism whilst placing no limits on the creativity of the visual appearance. 

It’s an exciting time for MOCAP technology and we’re happy to be part of it...

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